Parking Sensor SPINWIRE

Each parking spot is equipped with one SPINWIRE® Detection Unit.

Units connected in line by a 4-wire cable form one SPINWIRE® Branch.

A collection of Branches connected to the Control Box (CPU) together with the SPINWIRE® Software form a complete functional SPINWIRE® Integrated Solution Element.


The recommended installation arrangements should fulfill the following requirements:

  1. The length of one SPINWIRE® Branch does not exceed 800 meters.
  2. The number of SPINWIRE® Detection Units in one Branch does not exceed 40.
  3. The number of SPINWIRE® Branches connected to one Control Box within a SPINWIRE® Integrated Solution Element does not exceed 16.

The Control Box is compatible with Sentilo Platform and can deliver customized TCP/IP-response, with 3G connectivity, and with optional Ethernet, Wi-Fi, or other connectivity upon request.

The RS-485 bus facilitates parallel powering and individual addressing of each Detection Unit. An unlikely failure of one Detection Unit does not affect other Units in the Branch.

SPINWIRE® Integrated Solution functionalities can be extended by adding LED Spinlight® at each parking spot.

SPINWIRE® Inetgrated Solution with Spinlight® can further allow for the communication with a beacon placed in the vehicle and by this for the vehicle authentication.

SPINWIRE® armed with a relay and internal logic can also operate without the control unit, empoying either pulses or step signals, and can be deployed for local detection.

Functionality of SPINWIRE® is guaranteed when using the following (or equivalent) connectors4-wire cables (SPINWIRE® for large-scale detection) or  6-wire cables (SPINWIRE® with relay for local detection).

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